Wednesday, 13 November 2013

THE ASTEROID NO.4 : The Asteroid No.4

Continuing its majestic journey, the brightest star in our galaxy is back with a self-titled record, its most mature effort to date. The band has relocated from its native Philadelphia to scenic California, moving closer to its neo-psychedelic peers.

Soaked in dapper melancholy, The Asteroid No. 4 primarily evokes autumn and the various sensations and colors attached to it. The Californians know how to write songs with painterly detail, using strings as brushstrokes and triggering that unique feeling that makes the listener feel safe whilst longing for something or someone.
“The River” makes a lordly opening track, being surprisingly much more grounded than their previous work and yet just as lush and layered. Neil Young circa 1970 springs to mind with this poetic, bittersweet and thought provoking tune that marks a new realm in their songwriting style. 
The latter reminds of Baudelaire’s quote :”I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no melancholy.”
Likewise, “The Windmill of the Autumn Sky” can be ranked as one of the band’s most solid compositions, encapsulating the fall in a glorious and timeless tune.

The Asteroid No. 4 remain flamboyant as well. "Rukma Vimana" and "Revolution Prevail" are epic electric anthems that take you straight on the band’s astral trail.
“Mount Meru” will remind old fans of the group’s early sound and debut album with its sitar and voice over while “Ghosts of Dos Erres” and “Back of Your Mind”  form links between outerspace and planet earth.
A  kaleidoscope of mental pictures, either earthy or otherworldly, is built all the way through. This album  possesses the ability to take you from vast terrestrial landscapes to orbit on a colorful ride.

Buy the ticket, enjoy the oddyssey!

The Asteroid No.4 was released on October, 8th 2013. 

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