Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Guachass has returned with their best album so far to bewitch us all.
And it was about time they put us under their spell.
A record that took not only time but sweat, blood, heart & soul to release.
They’re a band that don’t know other way to work but with their four spirits put to the task, more than spirits one could picture these four friends as four forces of nature; and they’ve outstood themselves this time.

Leaving behind a blessed punk past that was built with their first album Guachass (Oui Oui Records, 2007) they have embraced with much responsibility and professionalism a deeper, thicker and more perfected stoner rock  with the second onePaladar Negro.
The first time I listened to the album I felt like a window to their lives was being open and I was being invited to witness and share, like in a ritual, a piece of themselves.

The band, from Montevideo (Uruguay) has been playing around the world (they’ve toured Europe and South America entirely) for the past 10 years and with much effort have come to a place where after much lived together they seem to be one big spirit of love and thankfulness towards those around them.

Photograph by Camila Montenegro Pitteta

I was honored to be present while the album was being rehearsed and I was shocked by the connection these guys have, I’ve worked with many bands; and I’ve seen many bands work and polish their art, but this one is one of those who actually mean it and who behind the curtains are the very same than on stage, and that is a rare thing to witness these days.

Uruguay has grown in terms of offer when it comes to music; the styles one can encounter with are way too many and way too different. It’s up to the ones holding the power (and that include us) to open up the game and let the “not so big” bands be a part of a business that has grown much bigger during these past years. THAT is something we all must look forward to and pressure to become reality.

The album was released during June 2013, and was composed and produced by the band.
It was recorded in Buenos Aires at Estudio “El Attic” by Patricio Claypole and mixed Justin Weiss at Trakworx Studies in San Francisco, (USA). It was released under the French/Argentinean Oui Oui Records label.
It holds 12 songs who were recorded analogically, using the good old metallic tape, hence the raw and honest sound. 
Some of them are quite strong hymns, such as “Montevideo”, “Ojos de lobo”, “Amistiki” and “Mamma”. Some of them give truly felt phrases such “I told you baby, without abyss there’s no love” (“Auto Dorado”) this puts us at a much closer range with the band and the connection has one direction, there are no middle men. The feeling is honest, so is the art.

They have left the house of their grandfathers, Los Natas, and have begun to walk with the mighty force of those who follow them behind, and that ain’t a small thing to have: loyalty.

You can listen or buy the album at the band’s Bandcamp.

Camila Gonzalez Jettar – Voice
Mariana Gascue – Guitar
Federico Molinari – Drums
Nicolás Tapauraskas - Bass


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