Saturday, 7 December 2013

THE WARLOCKS : Skull Worship

The lords of darkness have risen from the dead. Back with a vengeance, they are brandishing their emblematic skull to take possession of our minds.

Following Heavy Deavy Skull Lover and The Mirror Explodes, Skull Worship closes the circle of an inward bound introspective trilogy. Bobby Hecksher’s vocals sound hauntingly spectral, miles away from the exuberance of Phoenix.  
The Warlocks have come a long way, yet have maintained a trademark sound while constantly shaping it up and polishing it. They are a one of a kind quintet that once was a collective and has grown through chaos and many changes. Hecksher the mastermind has carved out his epic way through a long trenchwar and has found four other warriors : JC Rees, Earl V. Miller, Christopher Di Pino and George Serrano.
Each member fits in the puzzle to make music that has a drastic effect on the listener’s mind, mood and soul. The word sound alchemist is no overstatement, these guys are aptly named, they are purveyors of sonic witchcraft, the kind that takes you to the left and right of the moon via hell.
Cavernous and more ethereal than ever in the genesis of the band, this new record carries the ghastly lament of lost souls. “Dead Generation” is their anthem, then “Chameleon” and “Endless Drops” slot together perfectly, getting to the core of obscurity with vibrant sinuous rhythms. Lush and incisive guitars howl.
“Silver and Plastic” stands out with its apparent mellowness, the unusual added cello conveys  infinite sadness, this lyrical sound of despair constitutes the climax of the record. The second half of Skull Worship is more aerial, yet filled with the same ominous magical spell.
“It’s A Hard Fall” is the final stage in the Warlocks’ restless wandering, just before “Eyes Jam”, in reverse, marks a passage to a new land or dimension.

May these hypnotists keep more skeletons in the closet, the kingdom of skulls is to be worshipped indeed.

Skull Worship was released on Zap Banana on November, 25th 2013.

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  1. Nice review! Piqued my interest in The Warlocks. Adding Skull Worship to my wish list. Thanks.