Friday, 20 December 2013

TOY : Join The Dots

Don’t be fooled by TOY’s name, these cunning song goldsmiths actually make the listener their own little puppet with magnetic, cosmic and entrancing multi-layered pieces of music, tunes that expand one’s mind as much as they stimulate the senses.

The London band is back just over a year after putting out one of the richest and most clever records of 2012, possibly the best British release since Primary Colours, The Horrors’ masterpiece. Let’s not forget that the former emerged in the latter’s emulating slipstream.
A swirling signature sound was crafted on their self-titled debut which, while it didn’t stick to one genre, was mainly reminiscent of shoegaze.
With their sophomore effort, they do not repeat themselves but substantiate their ability to balance pop patterns and celestial experimentation. “Conductor” is a jewel opening track, immersive as can be. An instrumental number, its beat is compulsively galvanizing, it is levitating and keeps you in orbit for over 7 minutes. Goosebumps galore! 
Does the rest of Join The Dots live up to this? The answer is positive.
The quintet excels at building a sensorial roller coaster, with no lull. Whilst revolving around time travel, the album also indulges a lot in bedazzling space travel.  
This is a band that never states the obvious and constantly surprises and plays with the listener, oscillating between heartswelling melodies, that may at times remind of the Paisley Underground, and experimental krautrock soundscapes. The whole thing remains coherent all the way through and is perfected by Tom Dougall’s luscious vocals.

Reiterating their prowess with this life-affirming and mesmeric record, TOY are in a league of their own. Creative world-class.

Join The Dots was released on Heavenly on December, 9th 2013.

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