Sunday, 18 May 2014

THE HORRORS : Luminous

“We wear any colour you like as long as it’s black” is The Horrors’ motto.
Oscillating between darkness and light in their odyssey of sound, the five-piece makes no radical statement this time. Their three former albums were about as different as night and day but with Luminous, they have remained closer to the summery and bright atmosphere of Skying.
However, this new record sounds more mysterious than the previous one, especially vocally.
Faris Rotter’s singing outbursts are long gone, at least on record, his voice is now more crooner like, which is of course endearing and almost snake-charming, in a film noir shade of black way.
How did these vivacious Londoners who were once all over the place get so metaphorical?
Like wise Leonard Cohen said : “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
The Horrors immerse the listener in hypnotic ambiances revolving around moods and personify the elements in this instance. The song titles are thoughtful and dreamy, a reminder of their exquisite lyrical range.
Luminous evokes sunshine, clear skies and oozes that mellow vibe that makes you feel high as a kite. “First Day of Spring” is the first pinnacle on the record, followed by “In & Out of Sight” that has a slightly electro added value with its finger on the pulse.
“Jealous Sun” epitomizes the best of this new effort with its poetic, original and evocative half lunar, half incandescent beam.

Is this record a transition before a more drastic statement like they used to make?
Time will tell how these sonic chameleons will keep defining their music.
With their chiaroscuro of black, they are able to take us to the moon and back whilst painting black and white rainbows and jet black vinyl sun.

Stay tuned for the next trip in space and time.

Luminous was released on XL Recordings on May, 5th 2014.

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