Wednesday, 25 June 2014

THE MERRYLEES : Forever More

A breeding ground for generations of seminal bands, Scotland’s new recruit and best kept secret is called The Merrylees.
These young lads possess an eclectic musical range, a sound which is surprisingly mature, yet infectiously refreshing at the same time. Their innate gift for gem melodies makes their songs sound classic in the noblest sense, right off the bat.
For a band that is used to brooding skies and melancholy landscapes, they have the magical ability to draw colorful and ravishing mental pictures. 
They are not just entertainers, though, they are already proficient in escapism, which is the essence of music.  
Their new single “Forever More”, produced by Richard Hawley, is one of those tunes that capture your heart with its lordly harmonies and delightful guitars.
This is the type of music that oozes sincerity, there is something about the chemistry and vibe that strikes a chord and speaks volumes to the listener’s soul.
The Merrylees unveil their darker western side with the b-side “The Wind That’s Following Me”, a number whose exquisite narration reminds of some of Lee Hazlewood’s early work. Cinematic and outstanding.
These precocious troubadours may as well have lived in the sixties or seventies in California, they are out of this world.

Give them a listen and they will sail their ship to your shore...

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