Thursday, 28 August 2014


The Proper Ornaments, a dapper name for a distinguished London band.
These gentlemen aren’t merely ornaments, they are the main attraction with their elegant style that evokes The Velvet Underground circa Loaded, the song Rock & Roll especially springing to mind as the cornerstone that shaped their trademark sound.
Those Londoners are by no means a rip off, they have soaked up the Velvets luscious vibe but have inserted other influences beyond this and from both sides of the Atlantic.
With the pristine “Always There”, they have inherited Felt’s lordly and poetic touch.
Partners in crime Argentinian Max Claps and British James Hoare (from Veronica Falls) combine forces and complement each other perfectly, vocally with their delicate and delectable singing as well as musically with chiming guitars.
Their collection of songs is made of a sleek and colorful canvas.
If one looked into it with a magnifying glass, one would find chiseled rare fabrics as well as precious bits and pieces. The Ornaments’ tone is lo-fi but constructive, they stand out from the crowd of  soundalike bands.
“Sun” is the perfect pop song, in its noblest sense. It radiates majestically. It feels like an exhilarating cinematic ride in a retro convertible.

Miles away from its dull title, Wooden Head is a dreamy technicolor record which is very coherent and intelligently entertaining, the type that lifts up the listener’s spirits and brightens their days.

To indulge in immoderately.

Wooden Head was released on Slumberland Records/Fortuna Pop on July, 9th.

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