Wednesday, 15 October 2014

ALLAH-LAS : Worship The Sun

Worship The Sun, a perfect title for a record that totally honors the solar star and oozes  endless summers, retro rides by the ocean or colorful trips across the Joshua Tree.
These Californians know how to make music which is equally soulful, entertaining and visually inspiring. Their songs are compound of several layers, they are primarily infused with solar energy  and adorned with a timeless and otherwordly spirit, something one might even call karma. Whilst dropping the needle on this album, you will most likely catch a glimpse of Gram Parsons,  such an inspirational icon. His aura lives on with the vivacious LA band, they have that greater than life freedom vibe about them.
Allah-Las take after some of their legendary geographical ancestors,  The Byrds especially, with or without Gram. They possess the same ear for heartmelting harmonies and the same kind of casual and laid back appeal. Better Than Mine is the perfect example of this.  Whilst adding modern elements, they resurrect the golden sounds of the sixties with their fuzzy pieces of music. The instrumental bits have no lulls and even make the record sound more authentic. It is a proper journey.
The band is tight and their chemistry translates gloriously live.
Matthew Correia, the drummer,  designed the sleeves of both visually evocative records. The back sleeve of Worship The Sun clearly alludes to spaghetti westerns, there is a strong cinematic side to it.
Worship The Sun is a gem of a record and a proper escape, which instantly turns grey sulfur skies into heavenly kaleidoscope sights, music that puts you in the best mood with its catchy tunes that all fit into each other like a puzzle.
Buy the ticket, take the ride and get your load of vitamin D, the Sun King has pride of place all over these songs. Allah-Las are mind alchemists that should be prescribed against chronic depression.

Soul healers & mindblowers associates.

Worship The Sun was released on September, 16th.